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Eclipse effects


In case you missed it, there's a total solar eclipse Monday, April 8. State officials expect a major influx of visitors surrounding this event, impacting traffic at least through Tuesday, April 9. 

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Seeking info to ID suspect


See image labeled ID assistance -- we're looking for information to identify this subject.

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Aftermath Grants available


Help us get a grant by voting for Rockport!

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Old Glory Relay 2023 makes Rockport stop


The Old Glory Relay 2023 stopped in Rockport today (May 10, 2023) to switch riders on their trek to Atlanta.

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Fireworks vendors must file permit


In its April 18, 2023, regular meeting, the Rockport City Council approved Ordinance 2023-6, requiring that any individual, corporation, business or other entity wishing to sell fireworks within the city limits of Rockport must file a permit appliation and $50 fee. 

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Help hungry pollinators


Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are out working -- and you probably are, too. We understand you're anxious to get your yard back in order after the winter. But remember that wildflowers (also known as weeds) are the primary source of food for pollinators right now. So until more plants are blooming, please be sure to leave those wildflowers alone: don't mow them down or spray them. We depend on pollinators to help with our food sources, and right now, they depend on us for theirs!

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Support your city with a single word


Did you know you can support your city just by using "Rockport" in your address?

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Rockport names new police chief, welcomes canine officer


The Rockport City Council in January named Toby Morales as the city's new police chief. Morales, who had been part of the department for several years, said he wants to help the city grow and wants law enforcement officers to be a community resource.

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